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Ozok Steel Prefabricated Cons. Max. spelling Imp. Singing. and Tic. LLC. ("Company" or "we") use cookies to improve the experience of users visiting our website. This Cookie Policy explains which cookies are collected by the Company, how they are used, with whom they are shared and how they are protected.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser when you visit our website. Cookies help us track how you use our website and improve your experience.

Types of Cookies Used

The company uses the following types of cookies on its website:

  • Technical Cookies: These cookies are essential for our website to function properly. For example, they are used to store your login information and language preferences.
  • Analytical Cookies: These cookies help us analyze how you use our website. For example, they track which pages you visit and how long you stay.
  • Targeting Cookies: These cookies are used to deliver advertising relevant to your interests.
Management of Cookies

You can manage cookies from your browser settings. If you choose to block cookies, some functions of our website may not work properly.

Updating the Cookie Policy

The Company may update this Cookie Policy from time to time. Updates will be published on our website.

Protection of Personal Data

Personal data collected through cookies is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and the Company's Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

More Information

For more information about cookies, see the following resources:


If you have any questions or comments about the Cookie Policy, you can contact us through the following communication channels:

  • Address: Ozok Steel Prefabricated Cons. Max. spelling Imp. Singing. and Tic. LLC. Asagi Yahyalar District 1489. Street 9/A Yenimahalle/ANKARA
  • Phone: +90 312 395 84 97
  • E-mail: info@ozoksteel.com
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